Potting Shed Creations Garden Sprinkles

The Paisley Lily Boutique

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Each seed variety comes packaged in a beautifully illustrated, reusable recycled US tin. 

About Potting Shed:


Potting Shed is a design company inspired by reclaimed objects, a love of food, science and modern culture, with a simple focus — to design and build, by hand, genuine products for everyday living. We've been in business for over 20 years and believe people build better products than machines. five fun facts: We have one office dog for every four people. Our company is located in a renovated 1970s elementary school in northern Idaho. Our most complicated pieces of machinery are a foot-pedal grommeter and a glue gun. Our upcycled bottle gardens have saved 100,000 (and counting) from landfills. It is not uncommon to see moose peering into our production windows.