Room Spray - STFU

Deja Vu Foundry

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We're unveiling a new collection of sprays to match yer vibe! A little snarky, a little fun and a lot of good-smelling yummyness to transform your space. All made with natural ingredients just like our original dark wave collection. Stfu is the scent of silence and minding ya business; or, if you want to get technical, lavender and vanilla.

Scent profile: slightly sweet, lightly floral, relaxing, cozy.

Directions: liberally spritz around your person (I've always wanted to use this phrase). Focus on releasing whatever is just not serving you at the moment. Spray the bathroom before you slip into a luxurious bubble bath. Light some candles. Take it all in.

Common sense deep: for external use only. Do not put it in your eyeballs, please. Or your mouth. While we use herbs and botanicals known to be skin safe and gentle, certain individuals may experience irritation.


2 oz Amber Spray Bottle 

Made in Illinois